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The importance of language in UI/UX

Proving clear instructions for a user is very important. You see how in that last sentence I said “very important” not “important” and not “imperative”. Interesting choice, no? Every word that you show to a user is time they have to spend reading and understanding what it is you’re trying to convey. A user wants

Back to the Blog. Back to reality.

When the year counter ticked over to 2014 I wrote in my list of goals that I wanted to write 50 blog posts this year. Considering the fact that I have only written 2 and it is December 3rd I think I may have left it a little too late. So as not to spam

“iPhone 6″ Pictures Leaked. Is this what it looks like?

With all the hype around the iPhone and the upcoming iPhone 6, some images were released on Twitter yesterday. Are they real deal though? Let's find out.

Sound of Music – Surround sound

Let me begin by stating that this is not a how to on doing surround sound in theatre. In fact I do not know of any professional theatre that has done a surround sound set up for any show and having designed, built and used the system I can understand why. If you would like

Why writing standards compliant code really doesn’t matter any more.

With the advent of modern web browsers and smartphones do web developers really need to write valid code?